Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Birthday

 Well where do I start..... I could start from the very beginning but I won't, because honestly I will probably give up half way through blogging and will never post it. So I will start on the day tooters and squeakers was born :)

  It was Easter Sunday and Shane and I were up at my brother's and SIL's house for dinner. After dinner the four of us were talking about when I would have the babies because I had a scheduled c-section for April 9th. Jamie (SIL) said wouldn't it be funny if you went into labour tonight because your mom picked April 1st? I laughed and said I probably wouldn't, I don't feel "different". Went home later on that evening and went to bed around midnight. Around 1am I got up with a "tummy ache", I honestly thought that if I can just go to the bathroom my "tummy ache" would go away. So I did my business and went back to bed, about 15-20 minutes later I was up again and still had my "tummy ache" but it was a little worse. Not cluing in at all that it could be labour. So back to the bathroom I went still thinking that if I can just "go" that I would feel better. All of a sudden I got a really sharp pain in my stomach and the lights went on in my head and I thought "dammit I think this is labour, of course it would happen in the middle of the night!" 
  So now panic has started to sink in and I have to get Shane up. So from our bathroom, which is just outside of our bedroom, to Shane's side of the bed I had four strong contractions OY!! When I finally managed to get to Shane's side of the bed to wake him up I had a contraction that made me double over. I had managed to say Shane's name and he shot up in bed like a lightning bolt, which is funny because it takes a lot to wake him up. "Are you ok?" he asks, I had managed to spit out "I think I'm in labour" while I started to bawl my eyes out. He jumps out of bed and asks if he can turn the lights on, I'm like, are you kidding me? Your asking to turn the lights on? YES, I managed to scream out. I told him he had to call McMaster because I don't think I can talk to anyone right now, this hurts!! It's around 2am or just after at this point. Shane is on the phone with the hospital pacing the floors like a mad man and I am hunched over on the dishwasher in excruciating pain. The nurse on the phone wants to talk to me- so much for not wanting to talk on the phone. After asking me a couple of questions she told me to come to the hospital so they can assess me. On my way to the van I called mom, I had a feeling they weren't going to send me home and really who doesn't want their "mommy" when they are feeling like they are dying? Mom asked me if we were timing the contractions, "nope" was all I could get out. So she started timing them for me. They were four minutes apart while we were leaving the house. HOLY CRAP!! Mom was my god sent, she stayed on the phone with me while we were on our way to the hospital and had to keep reminding me to breath. At one point mom asked me where we were and I told her just passing Hess Village, why? She said your contractions are two minutes apart, you might want to drive a little faster. TWO MINUTES,  HOLY SH&T!!! At this time we were already going 70 km, I turned to Shane and said "my contractions are two minutes apart", he went through red lights after that.
  So we made it to the hospital and at this point I can't even walk. We found a wheelchair just as we got off the elevator. We got to labour and delivery and you have to pick up a phone and explain to them why your there. I could barely get any words out by then but I managed to say my name. They set me up in a room and three nurses come in. One at my left arm putting and IV in, one on my right drawing blood and one with her hand up my who ha seeing if I had dilated at all. I wasn't really paying attention to any of them as I was in so much pain but Shane told me later on that he knew it was the real deal when he saw the nurses face after checking me. I was 8cm dilated,it was between 2:30-2:45am at this point, the nurse that was on my left bent down to my ear and said "hun you are  having your babies tonight". Tooters was born at 3:19am and squeakers was born at 3:21am. They are the loves of my life!!


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