Monday, June 3, 2013

Photo session

Good Monday Morning,

  We got the babies pictures done. LOVE THEM!! I had posted on a site on facebook and Michelle private messaged me asking if she can take my babies pictures. She need twins for her portfolio. I'll be honest I thought it was a little weird that someone was offering to take their pictures....and for free!! I did some research to check her out to see if she was legit, and she was :) And I am so happy that we got their pictures done. They turned out beautifully!
I would definitely recommend Michelle for doing any pictures you want done. She has the patients of a saint!  Of course my babies were fussy when I got to her house, I don't know why, they were fed just before we got there and they were napping. They must have known what was going on, little buggers!

If you want pictures professionally done go and see Michelle of GOSNAY STUDIOS.
She is located at 432 Highway #8, Stoney Creek Ontario.
Grand opening in July 13th

You won't be disappointed!

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